Zhanna & Kristian

One touch is more than a million words - this is how I would describe this relationship

This was a bit special shoot. Kristian asked me in the beginning whether I want them to be posing or whether they need to be natural because they can pose if needed but it won't be authentic to who they are. It's a tricky question as you want to avoid intrusive posing and guiding the couple but at the same time it's not always simply to let it go without your control if you need to play with the light. So I let them go with the flow taking the risk of getting whatever unexpected result on film. And I must say I stressed a lot while snapping as I was afraid to look like paparazzi for them. But this went so smoothly and I asked them only literally a few of times to pose for me the way I wanted. Can you guess which pictures are impromptu and which are guided?

After I received the scans from the lab I just could not stop watching them again and again. It turned so organic and so intimate.


Location: Helsinki

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