I am glad you are here! Welcome to Tanya Starling Home!

I have a mission to create the most timeless memory of your special moments in a form of elegant and dreamy imagery.

I truly enjoy the beauty of people connections which I capture on film and digital.

During the photoshoot my clients experience fun and ease, I know how to relax even the most shy people. From the first moment I build the connection and trust with the client

About Tanya

Tanya Starling

My philosophy


I am on my unique journey of learning, understanding and improving. I am learning to be merciful to myself and to love being imperfect. 


I am glad I’ve met many of those people on my way who gave me a lesson - good or bad. This opened for me a room for growth.


I believe that art isn’t born from the talent but rather comes from the skill and skill is developed from the practice. Creativity is not about the outcome but about the process. I failed many times and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be who I am. 


Basic facts


I am 39 now. I was born and grown up in the beautiful land of Crimea. After studying in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, I moved to Finland, the country I proudly call my home. I am a visual person, perhaps because they didn’t accept me to the music school. Photography is not my full-time job but it’s my main passion in life. Besides, I love coffee, dark chocolate and sea. Sunset over sunrise. Cats and dogs. Autumn. Cosiness. My friends, they are the best. Travelling. 


Around 12 years ago I began my journey as a photographer covering weddings, family events, business portfolios and personal art projects.


My vision in photography


My photography style has been changing over the time, in a flow of social influence, present trends or as a result of trial & error process. But what didn’t change is my storytelling intention. My goal is to make the moment as authentic as possible and to make the images speak a story behind every single snapped shot. I believe that a small detail makes the story full and intriguing


I am shooting film and digital equally. I am forever in love with film while digital is a complementary and reliable instrument for creative work.


I am fine-art wedding and lifestyle photographer. Light, soft and airy images, natural poses or even no posing at all, suddenly captured touches, emotions or a glance. My favourite subjects are human connection and relationship, portraits and artists in a creative process. In my travels I shoot street photography on film.


My Values:

Kindness, empathy, diversity and openness


You would be my ideal client if

⁃            my style and aesthetics appeals to you

⁃            you want to have fun during creative process

⁃            you expect the unexpected

⁃            you are ready to trust me

⁃            you are open for experiments


I am happy to know more about you and your photography wishes! Feel free to get in touch!

Sincerely yours, Tanya

I value and respect my clients. My goal is to leave the client happy and enjoy the images we created for their entire life.

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For any enquiries don't hesitate to contact me. You will hear back from me within the same day.


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