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Photoshoot with Tanya Starling was a special experience! She was so professional and detailed from the light to the appearance. Tanya made me relaxed immediately and not to think about photoshoot itself. Also her choice of poses was wonderful!
As a result, Tanya's pictures were incredible beautiful and helped me to build website based on her pictures! I can't enough express my gratitude and recommend her to future clients!

Mindaugas Neverovas,


Tanya is an ambitious photographer

Tanya took photos for our wedding invitations and worked as a photographer throughout our wedding day. From the beginning I noticed that Tanya was very ambitious and a good photographer and she had an eye on the great shots. I could trust her style 100%. Tanya had lots of ideas but she also listened us and was very flexible. It is easy to recommend Tanya to take engagement and wedding portraits as well as documentary photos during the wedding day.

Niina Nykkänen


Love Story on film

Tanya is a true professional, 100% engaged with her work. She has done a love story photoshoot for us in an old city of Helsinki. She chose the most gorgeous romantic sceneries, suggested on posing, she was energetic, inspiring and very kind. Tanya treated us so that I felt like I was at least a queen of Finland! What an incredible day it was!
And all the pictures turned out just as beautiful and well-thought through. I absolutely recommend Tanya as a photographer for your special occasion!

Anna Lekanova


Fun to be in front of your camera

Tanya is an amazing person and photographer. She has a natural talent for capturing happy moments and making great pictures that we just love to look over and over again. With Tanya it is so easy and fun to be in front of camera during photo session. She is great with the kids and we are happy to have such an amazing experience with her as a photographer

Vlada Tenno


You are the one who "sees" us...

The moments that Tanya captured are so wonderful and precious that every time we watch those photos we tell stories about them.. Both of my boys are in love with Tanya and adore her as a friend and a photographer, enjoying being models for her every time her camera is around :) We have your photos framed, Tanya, they remind me now we have to meet again soon ;)

Evgenia Kahanek


Master of depth and perspective 

Tanya is a photographer with a feeling of depth and perspective. She has a really good eye for the photography and the composition! She deeply understands the needs of her clients and she is a very talented post-editor as well. It’s always a pleasure to be in front of her camera.

Zhanna Tuulas


With Tanya's snappy fantasy you can implement many various ideas

Tanya is a nice person and an amazing photographer. Stunning and thoroughly planned shots  which are hard to select for posting, you want to post all of them! She is always professionally catching the moment  and always open for experiments. I especially love her film works - they are lively and soulful. 

Olga Rosol

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