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This Privacy Policy defines how your personal information is being collected, used, maintained and shared when you enter and browse Tanya Starling website ("Site") and when submitting your requests through the contact form. Your device information as well as contact details are both considered as Personal Information. When you surf the Site and fill out the contact form you provide a consent that you agree with Privacy Policy in regards how your information is collected, stored and shared via the below mentioned channels. If you don't want your Personal Information to be collected as explained below, you are advised not to use the Site and the contact form.


Contact Details


When you enter your information in the contact form such as your first and second name, phone number, email and any details that you provide in the message, this information is collected and stored in our email server in order to be able to reach you back. We use this information to send you a pricing quote or get more information regarding your inquiry. Further if you become Tanya's client this information is stored in CRM system (currently we are using Pixieset Studio Manager for issuing invoices and contracts).


Your contact information is also stored in our accounting system for invoicing. Your information might be shared with our partners participating in the project and once this is needed your consent is obtained. Your permission is requested whenever we want to mention your account name in social media landscape.


Your information might be shared with legal authorities on demand or warrant or in case we need to protect our rights.


We don't share your information with any other third party unless informed explicitly and we never sell your personal information.




The Site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on the Site, to show you personalized content and to analyze the Site traffic, and to understand where our visitors are coming from. When you enter the Site certain information about your device such as IP address, geographical location, web browser is automatically collected. We use Google Analytics for collecting and analysing visitors to the Site and some cookies are essential for keeping your session ID or identifying your device for correct displaying of the graphics and data. The Site is hosted on platform and the data is sent and stored in the servers located in EU.


The site is using the following cookies:

  • PHPSESSID - Type: HTTP. Expire: Session. Preserves user session state across page requests. Initiator: Webserver Source: Data is sent to: Germany (adequate). Adequate country under GDPR (EU)
  • _gphw_cart - Type: HTTP. Expires: Session. 

    Cookie purpose description: Unclassified. Initiator: Webserver Source: Data is sent to: Germany (adequate). Adequate country under GDPR (EU)

  • _gphw_mode - Type: HTTP. Expires: Session.

    Cookie purpose description: Unclassified. Initiator: Webserver Source: Data is sent to: Germany (adequate). Adequate country under GDPR (EU)

  • _vigbo_device - Type: HTTP. Expire: Session. 

    Cookie purpose description: Unclassified Initiator: Webserver Source: Data is sent to: Germany (adequate). Adequate country under GDPR (EU)

  • infostripe - Type: HTML. Expires: Persistent. 

    Cookie purpose description: Unclassified. Initiator: Script tag, page source line number 1688. Source: Data is sent to: United Kingdom (adequate). Adequate country under GDPR (EU)

  • _ga. Type: Performance cookie. Expires: 2 years. Google Universal Analytics Cookie, used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier. It is included in each page request in a site and used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for the sites analytics reports.

Your GDPR rights


If you are an EU resident you have the right to obtain details of your Personal Data information that we store, to update or erase it. Please be in touch with Tanya using the contact details below.


Retention policy


Your contact information is stored in the mentioned above records until you request to erase it.


Policy changes


This Policy will be reviewed and updated in case of new legislations or new channels for storing and using data arise for the Site. For existing clients whose information is stored permanently in Tanya's records in case of Policy changes this information will be informed via email stored in the records.


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