Somil & Priyal

Summer walk with the love birds near Villa Rullud, Espoo

I had known Somil for quite some time, even before he met his future wife Priyal. They had their traditional wedding in India a bit over a year ago after which Priyal moved to Finland as well. I had an honour to be invited to the wedding as a guest and therefore I can't express how much I regret I could not make it at that time.


This would've been no doubt a special experience for a person from a western culture. However we fixed a date for their after-wedding-love-story and made it after Priyal moved to Finland. As we were walking around Villa Rullud while taking pictures they told me some details about their wedding. The most breathtaking detail I heard was about 12 photographers covering their wedding. You didn't mishear. Twelve. When I've asked why did you hire as many, the answer was that they in fact hired just one and he brought the other 11 second shooters. Or shall I say second, third, forth and so forth shooters?


But I understand, when you have such an average event size of 500+ guests, you don't probably even list the second shooters name in your contract.  I still wonder how they actually agree and share who shoots what. I certainly should have been there to see it own eyes. Besides the few pictures the guys shared with me were worth the front page of a luxury magazine.


So I must assume our experience in Villa Rullud was a bit different, more in Scandinavian, simple and minimalistic style comparing to their luxury 12 shooters snooping around 360, but I know they loved our result just with one single film camera and a few rolls of film and no one else around.

I witnessed so much love and devotion in these two, maybe I should not regret after all I've missed their big show back then. I sensed intimate and authentic feelings, which were not played for public, but only for me and my humble film fellow.

Happy to share these from the couple permission.


Location: Espoo, Finland

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