I respect every budget, big or small, so I built my pricing model assuming every capability and at the same time made it flexible for the client to chose what fits right to them. On top of the below prices I am open to discuss your special requests which might differ from any of the below options. Please get in touch for more specific need, I would love to tailor a right package for you.

Family & Lifestyle

I happily offer personal portraits, events, family, love story or any life-style type of photography. My rates are based on the amount of work I need to complete but independently of the package size I invest equal amount of love in my work for my clients. No matter which package you decide to choose I will put same amount of effort and responsibility during the shoot, in the postprocessing and all the way until you are happy with the received final images.


I give every returning client a 10% discount for one of the offered packages below.


I will travel to your location within Helsinki region and this is included in the price as well as VAT. Other locations are more than welcome too, we just need to agree on my travel expenses.


I will ask you to allow me to use your pictures in my portfolio. In case of a "no" I will fully respect your decision.  


If you need additional services such as make-up, hairstyling or flowers, no problem, my partners will be happy to participate.


Let's create your very special story together and you are one step away from making it happen!


Small Story

290 €


Friendly for small budgets and suitable for those who don't actually need too many images. Let's capture the most important in a set of incredible images. This covers family, maternity, lifestyle or love story.




- consulting

- 1 outfit

- 1 location
- 20 professionally edited digital images in high resolution 
- session time about 1 hour
- password protected online gallery for 1 week

- processing time around 2 weeks - 1 month


Full Story



Having more ideas for your story, get more space for it! Make your story with variety of poses or angles, order a photo book, or just change your dress and have another set of your look! This covers family, maternity, lifestyle or love story.




- consulting

- unlimited outfits

- 1-2 locations
- about 50 professionally edited digital images in high resolution 
- session time about 2 hours
- password protected online gallery for  2 weeks

- processing time about 1-2 months


Film Experience

from 205 €


Are you open to try out film photography experience? I know many people might be sceptical about the film and often mistrust its quality. I am happy to prove you the opposite. Let me show you that unique film perception that no digital camera can repeat. I shoot on a medium format film and an exclusive Contax 645 camera with its beautiful 80mm  f/2 portrait lens. My rates are based on the amount of rolls we shoot. I am outsourcing development and scanning  work to the best film labs in Europe. Fine-art prints are also available.

On top of the fixed price above:

- 1 roll (16 images) - 70 euro

- 2 rolls (32 images) - 120 euro

- each additional roll - 60 euro

- 1 fine-art print 20 x 30 cm - 30 euro


- session time 30 mins - 2 h

- amount of outfits and location are very flexible

- password protected online gallery for  2 weeks

- processing time 1-2 month (depending on the logistics and lab queues)


* Material prices include the cost of film negative, shipment, lab development&scanning services

** I keep the film negatives

I am so happy you are about to book your photgraphy package! I just need a few more details to serve you at my best.

It's not about the camera model that a photographer keeps in the bag, it's all about vision and a bit of skill

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