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I am writing stories about people using my camera. Everyone has own and everyone's story is unique. My goal is to make your story sincere and personal to save the memory for the rest of your life.


I was born in Crimea, but settled down in the north. After many years I finally got used to the cold weather and snow. So I live in Helsinki, Finland, the country which I proudly call my home. I love to travel and my digital and film cameras are my loyal companions.


My photography experience began back in 2009 documenting the moments of my own kid's childhood. Shortly I realised I am getting hooked and I need more. So my family's old soviet cameras were dug up and the Pandora's box has been opened. My favourite subjects are portrait of people, emotions and relationship, which I love to take both on film and digital. My favourite tool is light which I am engaging to make pictures volume and sensual. 


If you are seeking to document your wedding, love story or family special moments you are in the right place. I am also passionate about content and editorial photography. 


Let's get in touch and write your story together.




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