Chasing golden hour and some ladybugs

There has been summer. And some rye fields. They promised sun too. Then they promised rain. Then they changed their mind and the rain was cancelled. You never can be sure about the weather but if your clients are very keen about updating their wall gallery, you cannot let weather mood ruin your plans. ?

That eve the sun was very capricious and the clouds dashed our golden hour, but the ladybugs saved the story! ? It reminded me my childhood too. It's very interesting, they are just like any other bug but unlike others they are something cool and cozy to take in your hands. Is that the color and symmetric dots magic or is that the social influence that makes the thing, how kids might be afraid of the spiders but catching ladybugs like if they were Pokemons? A mistery, but fact. And if you are a little princess you must have an own ladybug and better two. ???? And it's a long story.??? Enjoy reading!