Business look with a touch from Alvar Aalto

Have you heard of Väre, the new student campus of Aalto uni in Otaniemi? I haven't until my client suggested to choose this place for her business portfolio photoshoot. Apparently this place is well known among students, but I haven't been aware it's so stunning piece of Finnish art and architecture. Every corner has own vibe and a thoughtful touch from the designers (who are of course the alumni of Aalto university). And as my adorable client knows this place very well, she gave me a special admission and allowed to enjoy the inner space of the School of Arts and School of Business residing in the building. I wouldn't mind to become one of these students who I was a bit jealous to.


Interesting fact is that the building is designed so that it uses renewable energy, it has installed solar panels on the roof to produce the electricity! Bravo to all those contributed to the sustainability! ☘️☘️☘️


Another fact is that you can see all of the classrooms live, they all have glass walls! Isn't it amazing?


Okay the last fact for today is that you feel like in some kind of shopping mall when you enter the building with all the cafe and restaurants and even integrated metro path!  And then the feel changes to a true student house atmosphere as you walk deeper. Ah I certainly should apply next year ?


And yeah, this is what we've got on an early sunny Tuesday morning while sleepy students were rushing to their classrooms. I hope we succeeded with enough of business looks. Try to guess which pictures are taken in the Art section and which are from the Business one, it's pretty easy to guess ? 


Enjoy and certainly visit this wonderful place at least once in your life! It's a decent competitor to famous Oodi. If you are keen to know more, check this out:


Thanks Vitalija for this chance!