Are you a library lover?

Are you a library lover? ?If your answer is Yes, then this post promises to bring you some joy. At least I hope it will ?


When we were planning the photoshoot, I didn't see my model in flowers-bugs-nature-landscapes at all. She is that kind of type, who fits perfectly in the urban surroundings - strong, confident, sexy, courageous and creative. So the magic word library-library-library was swirling in my head from the day one we discussed the setting. Even though Oodi library is not just truly beautiful building, but one of the best libraries in the world (according to the TIME Magazine at least), this was our only plan B for the two main reasons: mainstream for photoshoots and crowdy. It's still too popular, too new and too awesome. But as we both with my model are Geminis in our souls and calendars we are not always super organized people, checking the Plan A location open hours was out of the question. Apparently the plan B was a good surprise, not even to mention how many books we read that day ? The light is fantastic there! ✨ I just couldn't stop snapping, it was going way too good and too easy ?? 


My weakness led me to suffering later however, as I could not decide the selection, I loved all of what we've shot. Now you have to suffer too and watch the result to the very end. Sorryyyy ?


P.S.: Did I mention how many books we read that day in Oodi?? 

P.S.2: The first shots are taken at picturesque Kiasma walls